So here we are tonight  

You and me together  

The storm outside, the fire is bright  

And in your eyes I see  

What's on my mind  

You've got me wild  

Turned around inside  

And then desire, see, is creeping  

Up heavy inside here  

And know you feel the same way  

I do now  

Now let's make this an evening  

Lovers for a night, lovers for tonight  

Stay here with me, love, tonight  

Just for an evening  

When we make  

Our passion pictures  

You and me twist up  

Secret creatures  

And we'll stay here  

Tomorrow go back to being friends


Go back to being friends  

But tonight let's be lovers,  

We kiss and sweat  

We'll turn this better thing  

To the best  

Of all we can offer,

Just a rogue kiss  

Tangled tongues and lips,  

See me this way  

I'm turning and turning for you  

Girl just tonight


Float away here with me  

An evening just wait and see  

But tomorrow go back to your man  

I'm back to my world  

And we're back to being friends  

Wait and see me,  

Tonight let's do this thing  

All we are is wasting hours until the sun comes up it's all ours  

On our way here  

Tomorrow go back to being friends


Go back to being friends  

Tonight let's be lovers, say you will  

And hear me call, soft-spoken whispering love  

A thing or two

I have to say here  

Tonight let's go all the way then  

Love I'll see you,  

Just for this evening  

Let's strip down, trip out at this  

One evening starts with a kiss  

Run away


 And tomorrow  back to being friends  

Just for tonight, one you  

And tomorrow say goodbye 

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